Why Should You Upload Videos on Websites? Bells & Whistles

Be it the social media platforms or business websites, an increased number of people are opting for videos. The prime reason for choosing videos lies in a higher engagement rate. In other words, the percentage of video is increasing, and it’s posing positive impacts. According to stats, 74% of internet traffic was directed because of videos in 2017.

Ranging from user interaction to conversion rates and SEO, videos are impacting the platform positively. Mobile users are being attracted by the utilization of videos because it creates a visually appealing and engaging environment. However, people still don’t understand how uploading videos on websites can help improve online presence.

In this article, we have shaped up all the reasons to implement videos on websites. By the end, you will be clear about the perks adhered to uploading videos on websites or YouTube. Have a look!

Enhanced SEO

Website content strategy is the most integral part to ensure success, and if you integrate videos in the content strategy, the website ranking on search engine platforms will increase exponentially. The front page results on Google and visibility chances will increase by 53%. However, this is not only due to the addition of videos. This is because one needs to add the relevant video and don’t forget to optimize it.

Multiple businesses are already opting for the YouTube accounts, and if you have one too, start posting the videos on a regular basis because it will help in attaining a higher rank. The main reason for opting for YouTube lies is Google ownership over YouTube. So, Google always prefers to show the websites that come with a YouTube video embedded. So, add the video and optimize it today to ensure you remain on the first page of search engine results.

Higher Conversion Rate

Be it eCommerce or retail, videos have become an integral part, and the prime reason lies in its ability to make higher conversion rates. The videos can increase the user’s time on the website by two minutes, and the conversion rate increases by 30%. According to the internet and content experts, the videos on the landing page of the website will increase the conversion rate by 80%, which is a huge chunk.

So, if you own a website that sells our products and services, you might also want to upload a video because the customers will increase with a higher conversion rate. You can use the video to demonstrate your products, and if you are offering service, offer professional-grade behind the scene videos to build trust.

The Reason of Opting for Videos

Everything that is on the internet is designed for the users, and the user’s preferences are changing with each passing minute. In the last few years, user preferences have evolved, and today, they prefer videos whenever they want content.  According to a survey conducted, people tend to choose video over text if both formats have similar information. Well, that’s pretty enough to start using the videos, right?

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