Role Of Chatbot To Increase Sales For eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is booming, and it is the best time to capture the market share for your offerings. However, it is not as easy as it seems. 

Running an eCommerce business is a challenging task. From inventory management to website maintenance, product listings, shipping, payment gateways, returns, refunds, customer support, and many more departments, you need to handle on your own. 

One of the most crucial parts of the business is customer support. Though each business needs to take care of its customers, it is of utmost importance when you are in the eCommerce business

As per the report by Forrester, almost 53% of online shoppers will abandon their carts if they are in confusion and don’t get instant answers from the sellers. Well, it is a serious thing. 

Email support is out of the question when you want to answer them immediately. You have to think of something more concrete and instant. Phone support might not work every time as customers seek answers immediately. The best bet is to go for an AI-enabled website chatbot and can serve the core purpose brilliantly. All you need to do is hire the best web design and development services to add chatbots to your store. 

An online chatbot can help answer your customers instantly with a live chat system integrated with it. It works in real-time and can handle multiple queries simultaneously. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the two major technologies that have redefined the way the eCommerce business works. 

Here is a list of benefits of introducing chatbots in your customer service funnel for streamlined and superior customer support. 

Chatbots help in personalising your services

One of the best reasons to add chatbots in your eCommerce store is personalisation. AI-powered chatbots remember the past communication records with customers and make the conversation more personal and interactive. 

In addition to that, chatbots also can help customers with product recommendations and payment activities. You can offer a fulfilling user experience to customers with these personalised brilliant services. You can develop a personalised customer service strategy to make your customers feel special.

Chatbots record interactions

When users are not satisfied with the products or find your processes and operations lengthy and confusing, they will notify in chats. These real-time interactions can help you make amendments to your processes and operations. It might help you to come up with more user-friendly processes. Also, you might be able to cut down your operational costs to a great extent while improving process efficiency.

Chatbots allow customer representatives to focus on other tasks

When these AI chatbots manage your customer support part, your customer representatives are free. These chatbots handle almost 80% of the repetitive questions. Now, customer representatives can focus on the remaining 20% of complex queries. It will help you win your customers’ trust by responding immediately to complex queries. User experience plays a huge role in SEO too. Ask any search engine optimisation service provider, and he will second this fact. When you offer fast, reliable customer support and improve user experience, Google will notice it and rank your store accordingly.

Chatbots offer fast, reliable, and highly cost-effective support

Chatbots are available 24X7 and can handle customer queries instantly. If you fail to offer customer support instantly and 24X7, there are chances that your customers will prefer your competitors over you. 

These chatbots can instantly develop two-way communications and support your customers in finding the right products in your store. Besides, bots can also notify customers about new products, offerings, and discount offers. If a chatbot cannot help a customer with a query, it will be instantly transferred to a live chat agent.

Serve your customers across multiple channels

Another path-breaking advantage of chatbots is their flexibility. You can develop chatbots for many channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and other social media networks. You can also add your product catalog and other information there. Also, you can allow your customers to browse and purchase products directly from these multiple channels. Customers don’t like to switch to other platforms to make purchases. In such cases, chatbots can help find their products easily and make purchases instantly without switching to a website or an app. Adding a chatbot to your store is easy. Hire the best website design agency, and they will do it for you.

Chatbots help educate your customers

More often than not, customers always need some sort of guidance or information. If you fail to offer them information at some crucial stage, they might simply leave. Well, if you have a customer support tab in your eCommerce store, they will instantly type their queries or questions there, and you will be able to win their trust and loyalty by helping them out. It is the best way to treat your customers by educating them about your products, payments, services, maintenance, returns, and refunds. They will surely reciprocate by taking desired actions.

Chatbots help in improving the engagement rate

Another reason to add chatbots to your store is to improve the engagement rate. AI chatbots gradually learn how to respond as they receive user inputs. Once they master the conversations, they will be able to serve your customers in a better and more efficient manner. It will improve your engagement rate with your customers and ultimately lead to more sales and revenues. Latest chatbots can also use interactive tools such as GIFs, videos, audio, and images to educate customers.

Chatbots help gather real-time data for marketing purposes

For example, a customer visited your store and added a product to his wish list. However, he did not purchase it. What can you make out of it? The customer was interested in your product, but he might have some issues regarding purchasing. 

That is where AI chatbots come into the picture. These chatbots can now understand the issues and needs of the visitors. They will analyze a visitor’s cart and wishlist and help solve a customer’s problems. Also, when you have such data, you can develop a remarketing and retargeting policy for these customers in the future.


These are some of the benefits of incorporating AI-powered chatbots in your eCommerce store. Chatbots are smart, reliable, and always ready to take up queries of your potential customers. Add these chatbots now by asking your web design and development team now. You will see noticeable changes in your engagement rate, conversion rates, and revenues in just no time.

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