Social Media Management

Results Delivered from Managing our Client’s Social Media Accounts
Increasing brand awareness whilst increasing the social proof of an account and decreasing scepticism has always been one of core strengths as an agency.
With our proven and tested strategies, we have successfully built a large follower base for our clients. In improving your business’ social media accounts, you will notice:

Our Goals


Our client came forth to us with a clean slate. They needed everything to make their Facebook page aesthetically pleasing for extreme growth for their follower base prior to becoming an influencer in their niche.
Within a limited period of 14 days to grow their social media account we went hard on our growth strategy plan and generated over 14,000 followers. We did this by:

Health & Beauty Care

Our client came to us for help with growing their Instagram account. They had little to no followers at the time and gotten almost no engagement. We decided to clean up their profile and optimised it to suit the niche they were in.
We turned their social media account into a gallery style, using a selected theme and relevant colours. We then implemented our influencer outreach strategy, where we collaborated with larger influencer pages within the same niche who’s followers were also our client’s potential customers. Not only did we help convert sales on their store, but we generated 26,000 followers in a period of 10 days.
Our process included, but no limited to:
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