Search Engine Marketing Case Studies

Case Studies from Several of our Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
As a business, we understand the key importance of saving your hard earn income from sales, where practically possible. That’s why we pay close attention to detail when managing our client’s ad accounts. Focusing on increasing the conversion rate and increasing leads or sales while simultaneously lowering the Cost-Per-Click and maintaining the quality of new leads generated.
Below you will find several case studies backing our claims, work ethic and promised results to all of our clients.

Our Goals

High Ticket E-Commerce Store

Our client sold home improvement goods starting from $5,000 in value each. Because the products are priced at a high-end value, their customers don’t typically purchase them online without physically getting a proper ‘feel’ of the product first.
Prior to commencing our PPC campaigns, we thoroughly dug into their existing Google Adwords account and original campaign looking for areas to improve. In April 2019, we found our client:
Google homes the most powerful ad platform in the world but definitely formed to be one of the most complexed., making it fairly difficult for an average Joe to wrap their head around.
2 months after our initial start date, updating their Google Analytics tracking tags and working hard improving our ad campaign, not only did we significantly save them thousands in ads, but we also:
If we were to generate the same total of leads for our client with the same CPL in April, it would have costed our client $13,000 as opposed to $1,800.

Car Dealer

Our client, in a used car dealer niche, wanted to generate new leads for their sales team to follow up with those who browse their inventory. In the past 6 years, our client spent over $100,000 in ads and ad management with previous agencies who couldn’t move the needle much.
During the setup phase, we discovered a major tracking issue, where they were tracking general webpage visits (not a Thankyou page or Confirmation Page) as new leads. The system was tracking thousands of leads that never existed.
After fixing their tracking issue, see appropriately set up tracking tags on relevant pages and their new branded high-converting landing page. We also crafted compelling ad copy for their PPC ads with narrow ad groups relevant to the used car niche.
Within 90 Days of SEM management, our client:
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