Effective Ways To Speed-up the Website and Increase Conversions

No matter how hard you try to be on the first page of Google SERPs, you are not getting customers if your conversion rate is not impressive. 

You can get only 2 customers out of 100 visitors on your website as per the trend. Ironically, it is considered a good conversion rate. 

If your website’s conversion rate is even less than that, you need a clear strategy to work on it. You can hire a website design agency and ask them to optimize your website as per the Google guidelines, or you can develop high-quality, original, and engaging content on your website to lure your customers into taking action. 

This post will discuss the best tips that might help you increase your conversion rate.

Adding a Pop-Up Might help

As per the study by Sumo, for all pop-ups used on websites, the average conversion rate is 3.09 percent. All you need to do is find the right pop-up to increase the average. 

Adding a pop-up will help you improve your conversion rate. However, you need to ensure that you try different offers and come up with one that you find impressive. 

Also, ensure that you keep a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up before it starts annoying visitors. Also, they should be able to close the pop-up easily. 

Adding pop-ups will work like magic, and you will not receive any complaints either. You will see a noticeable change in your conversion rate.

Remove unnecessary form fields

Let’s admit it; when we visit a website, we don’t like to fill out forms. We hate it. 

So are the visitors. Furthermore, when you ask them to fill out multiple forms, they will run away from your website. We cannot blame them for this. 

You need to work on all form fields and remove unnecessary form fields that might be the sole reason why people are scared to take some actions on your website. 

Only keep forms that are necessary for your website. We know that forms are important to gather some crucial data of your visitors for your sales team.

However, you need to find the right balance here to ensure visitors don’t get annoyed by it.

Adding testimonials and reviews will help

We all love products and services that are used and appreciated by others. That is the reason why testimonials and reviews are so vital for any business. 

No one wants to buy a product or service that is not used by someone else. 

Adding a few testimonials and reviews on your homepage or service pages might help you increase your conversion rate. 

Social proofs can build trust in visitors, and they will feel safe while dealing with your offerings. Ask you’re satisfied customers to add feedback and reviews for your products and services, and they will happily do it.

Remove all kinds of distractions

Having a cluttered website with too much information can be a dangerous thing. 

Whether your landing page or a home page, you need to keep it clear, concise, and navigational. If something is not vital for your visitors, remove it. Keep the page uncluttered, and you will see a change in your conversion rate. 

Hire a web design and development company and ask them to work on your website to ensure that you have a clear, clean, and concise website that offers an impressive appeal to visitors. 

Come up with catchy and attractive visuals and combine them with relevant text, and half the battle is won. 

You can use different tools to find out the distractions that people find annoying on the website. If visitors don’t click on a live chat box and keep closing it, it means that it is not needed there. You can get rid of it.

Keep actions easy and simple for visitors

People want to finish anything as soon as possible. You should facilitate your users to complete any form of action quickly. If you want them to fill out a form, it should be concise, small, and without any descriptions. 

Ask them to add an email rather than filling out the entire form. Such small things will improve the visit time on the website, and visitors will appreciate it as well. 
When you keep initial steps easier, your visitors will not abandon your website instantly. It will boost your conversion rate. Ask the web development service you have hired to work on it.

Facilitate them with third-party signups

Rather than asking them to fill long forms for signups, allow them to log in from their social network profiles such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Alternative logins have carved a niche in today’s times, and they are very popular as well. 

It will eliminate the process of signing up, and people would love that.

Come up with original content

Visitors visit your websites for information. If you don’t provide information, they will feel cheated. You cannot let it happen. 

Hire the best search engine optimisation service provider and let them care about your website content. 

Come up with high-quality, original, and engaging content that lures your audience instantly. Adding relevant keywords in content will also put your page on SERPs.

Come up with creative CTAs

Using “Call Us” or “Start Trial” type CTAs don’t work nowadays. 

You need to come up with creative CTAs that the audience loves. 

You can come up with positive and innovative CTAs such as:

  • Yes, I am Interested
  • Let’s Go For It
  • Yes, I want to Know More

Such positive CTAs will create a psychological impact on the minds of your visitors, and they would love to hear more about your offer.


Your website’s conversion rate is very vital. If people are not taking action on your website after landing there, there is something wrong with your website. 

It might be a design, content, or overall experience issue; you need to solve it immediately. 

Hire the best web design agency and ask them to work on your website to ensure that you don’t lag in conversion rate. 

Keep in mind the tips mentioned in this post and work on improving your conversion rate.

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