Common SEO Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

We all know that copywriting is one of the most vital aspects of SEO. Businesses and organisations hire the best content writers to develop highly readable, original, engaging, and relevant content in the form of articles, guest posts, web 2.0s, and blog posts. 

However, sometimes, even after putting so much time, resources, and effort, you might not get results. There are chances that your content writers are making some copywriting mistakes in such cases. 

You need to remember that SEO writing is different from common, traditional writing when we put our thoughts in words. There are many technical aspects to it. If you have hired the best search engine optimization agency Sydney, ensure that they have a team of the best writers with sheer experience in SEO copywriting.

Here is a list of SEO copywriting mistakes your writers might be making. Check them out and improve your content writing strategy to get superior outcomes. 

They don’t customise their strategies.

Like an SEO strategy, you need to have a content marketing strategy. The one-size-fits-all strategy does not work when you are writing for SEO. 

Each client has a different business nature and business needs. You need to incorporate their needs and keep in mind their target audience. How you communicate with the audience matters a lot. 

Ensure that you check out the published content of your client and find out that specific content writing technique or model they use.

They don’t research

When you are writing for SEO content marketing, you need to research a lot, irrespective of the industry you are writing for. You need to know more about their business than them. It can be possible only with in-depth research. 

If possible, you can discuss their business, USP, other offers, and their target audience with the client. It will help you to design the content marketing strategy for him. 

Also, checking out your client’s competitors will also help you. Review their content pieces, and you will come to know how to write for that client’s niche.

They stuff keywords badly

Yes, keywords are important to rank your content on Google SERPs. However, it does not mean that you stuff keywords. Readers will disengage with your writing as soon as they find out stuffing. You need to place keywords intelligently to get good rankings. Sometimes, you might end up receiving penalties from Google. It is a big No-No from SEO experts. 

Ask the content marketing agency to target people, rather than machines. Write like you are sharing a content piece for your friend describing a fantastic product or service.

They use writing tools like a crutch

Though writing tools such as Grammarly are great at catching grammar or spelling mistakes and making your phrases and sentences right, they are software and not humans.

Ask your writers to not trust such writing tools blindly. Sometimes, they might make a perfect sentence, which sounds weird and problematic. 

If you are writing a content piece, you need to proofread first. Fix the errors that you find in content and then use such tools. Also, check out all the suggestions the tools are offering and accept only those which make sense.

If you are claiming something in your content, back it with relevant facts and statistics. 

The new Z generation is very smart and intelligent. They don’t want to write anything that looks fishy or overpromising. They will not take anything seriously at face value. Hence, support your content with relevant links from credible sources. 

When you have reliable sources claiming your point, you will have many chances that they will read and digest your claims. Google will also note it and place your copy accordingly.

For example, you are writing about SEO strategy trends and you have a subtopic called keyword research. 

Now, if you have written a blog about keyword research, you can give an internal link to the published blog in the current blog to improve visibility. Many content marketing services providers understand the importance of internal linking. If you are not doing it, you should start doing it. 

Why do you need to do it? First, you will be feeding your readers with more relevant and valuable information. It will build your reputation and credibility. The second reason is that such links help search bots to find content to index.

They promote too much

If you are repetitively asking your readers to buy the product or service you are writing about, they have a perfect reason to ignore your sayings. 

People are smart and intelligent. They are capable of making their own buying decisions. You don’t have to babysit them. You just need to inform and educate them about your products in the best storytelling medium you can. 

Write content with an aim to educate them and not to persuade them to buy from you. When you satisfy their educational hunger, they will surely reciprocate in your favour. Don’t write a sales pitch.

They don’t add a CTA

The main aim of SEO writing is to convince people to take the action you desire them to take. That is where CTA (call to action) enters the picture. You have to ask them to take any action without being too preachy about it. It is an art and good search engine optimisation agency writers know it. 

If you don’t add CTA, it simply means no conversions. Make it a default action to add a CTA in each content you write. 

Also, adding random CTA lines will not be enough. Ensure that you write in a manner that makes sense to readers.

They make titles randomly

If you are not writing your titles after careful consideration, you are making a huge mistake. Remember that your title is as important as your copy and CTA.  

It is your copy’s title that readers will see in Google SERPs. If you don’t have a catchy title in the first place, you are missing a major thing here. 

Write the title of the content piece after much deliberation. You can add numbers, add curiosity and do much more with it. Ask the writers what they can do with the title to make it more relevant, yet catchy.


SEO content writing is not as easy as it seems. You need to be specific and relevant while writing blogs, articles, and guest posts to create curiosity and to engage readers directly. These are the common SEO copywriting mistakes that you might make. Hire the best search engine optimization agency Sydney with a team of talented content writers to ensure that you produce the best content copies for your clients.

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