Facebook Ads Case Studies

Case Studies from Several of our Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Social media marketing platforms, such as Facebook significantly helps increase businesses revenue when adequately managed. Most businesses choose social media marketing over search engine marketing genuinely because of the cost and results differences; however, it can backfire on you.
Our listed case studies below show you how our managed social media marketing services significantly boosted our client’s revenue.

Our Goals

Local Gym

Gym case study
Our client noticed a significant decrease in leads entering their funnel prior to reaching out to us. They gave Facebook Ads a shot when they’ve struggled to get results they wanted with several marketing agencies they’ve worked within the past.
After our initial onboarding meeting. We noticed a few issues on their landing page built by another marketing agency which affected their conversion rate. We later optimised their landing page and offer in their ads campaigns, generating more leads under a single month than they could generate in 90 days.
As a result, our team:

Mechanical & Automotive

Our client, who sells automotive parts and merchandise on their e-commerce store wanted to benefit from Black Friday sales in 2019. Given they have an already established, recognisable brand in their niche they saw a window of opportunity.
We have tested multiple ad variations for the main and retargeting campaigns. After black Friday weekend ended, we have generated a large a typical month’s worth of income for their store in just 3 days.
Working overtime to maximise the results for our client, our Black Friday campaign:
FB Ads Automotive
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