8 digital marketing tips to boost your business in 2022

If you sell online, you have no option but to be friends with digital marketing. Yes, traditional marketing and advertising approaches are still relevant and offer amazing results; digital marketing approaches are new normal as millennials are there. 

Gradually, the way people consume their media channels is changing, and you need to cope with it to accommodate those changes to your marketing strategy to ensure that you drive more traffic to your website and turn them into conversions. Hire a digital marketing agency in Sydney to help you achieve your goals. 

This post will discuss some sure-shot digital marketing tips that might help you boost your revenues and sales in 2022

Start using videos on social media and other blog posts

Do you know that 68% of users would love to connect with image-based content, and 50% want to engage with video content?

Yes, videos are the new thing you need to consider while making your content marketing strategy. People simply love videos. Instagram reels and Facebook Live are the best examples of that. 
In a survey, 72% of people revealed that they would love to learn about products or services with a video. Come up with nice video ideas and engage your users with interesting videos to get more hits on your website. You can incorporate videos in your blog post or other content pieces, and it will work.

Never compromise on User Experience

User experience is one of the most influential factors when Google crawls your website and ranks it on SERPs

If visitors love your website layout, design, and content, they will be more likely to stay there for a long period, improving their chances of taking desired actions. It is as simple as that. 
Work on your core web vitals such as page loading speed (Largest Contentful Paint ), Interactivity (First Input Delay), and Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift). These three things will determine your website’s user experience. Also, make sure that your website is highly attractive, feature-rich, and can be navigated swiftly. Hire an online marketing agency to work on it if you don’t have an in-house team of SEO professionals.

Make a Mobile Responsive Website

Suppose a genuinely interested person in your product opens his mobile phone, uses keywords, and clicks on your website. You have not optimised your website for mobile, and it does not offer a good visual experience to him. 

What will he do?

He will simply abandon your website and go for the next result Google shows him. Do you want it to happen? If not, ensure that you have a good mobile-responsive website that offers a superior experience to users who open it on their mobile phones or tablets. 

Losing such prospects is also bad for your brand as that person will not simply ignore your result on SERPs the next time. 
The number of people who browse websites from their mobile phones is increasing, and you need to ensure that you have a mobile-optimised website. Ask the hired agency offering digital marketing Sydney to work on it.

Make your website SEO-friendly

Having an impressive website is not enough as you want your website to rank higher on SERPs. That’s why you need to optimise your website as per Google guidelines. On-page optimisation, having original, readable, and engaging content with relevant keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, optimised images are some of the vital things to make your website SEO-friendly. 

When you have an optimised website, it would be easy for Google crawlers to crawl your website and understand your offerings.

Incorporate sales enablement tools in your website

You can add many sales enablement tools to your websites, such as chatbots, pre-recorded demos, and scheduling appointment tools. These tools can speed up the processes and offer convenience to your users. 

For example, if a visitor is confused about a particular product or service and needs assistance, he can use chatbots to engage with the representative to find the solution. If there are no tools to address their concerns, users might abandon the website. Hence, adding such tools might increase your conversions and revenues.

Provide your users self-service options

People love instant gratification. If you fail to offer it, they will find it somewhere else. Offer resources to them to keep them engaged on your website. For example, rather than asking your customers to call on the customer service number or email on your mail ID, you can add a knowledge base with all potential questions and their answers on the same page. 

You can add examples, case studies, pictures, explanations, and videos to help people find answers themselves. Also, you can add different training videos for processes, procedures, and products to educate your visitors.

Consider Generation Z

You have to consider Generation Z, the largest, most demographically diverse, and tech-savvy. They have never seen a world without the internet, and they are the people who are changing the digital experience and would reciprocate good efforts you put into pleasing them.

Create compelling content

You will read about content in tips and techniques articles and blogs online. Content is not just about writing website blogs, articles, guest posts, and social media posts. Images, infographics, videos, and other forms of content are also popular nowadays. 

When a person visits your website, he is there for some information. He will move to the next search result if he does not get it. You have to ensure that he gets what he is looking for. That is why you need to have enriching content that serves the core purpose of educating your audience. Be it in text, videos, images, or infographics, ensure that your website has relevant, original, readable, and engaging content.


Working on all the things mentioned in this post will surely make a difference. Today’s consumers are very smart and sharp and have multiple options to go for. You need to ensure that your website answers almost all questions they have in their minds. Hire a digital marketing agency Sydney to design a robust, comprehensive, and innovative digital marketing strategy to boost your business online.

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