10 Incredible Ways To Make Your Brand Unique

The identity of a brand is always determined by its uniqueness. And unique brands do not just happen to pop up on their own; they have a strong, passionate founder behind them who has invested his time and thought to come up with something so brilliant and unique. However, there are tips to be considered when you are starting up a new brand, be it unique, but to keep it real for the attraction of customers and viewers, you have to keep your content and quality real. There should be no compromise on your quality check. Here are some tips to get yourself a unique brand.

Tell your brand story

First things first, tell your brand story. Start with how did it all start, where did you come up with the idea. What inspired you to have your brand? Why do you want to pursue it? Go ahead, be creative about your story. The catch is to be truthful with your brand story as it can catch you at the wrong times. There is always something unique about brand stories that attract customers or viewers to it.

Be original yet different

There is nothing wrong in daring to be different. To have something unique, you have to be different, but at the same time, they are original. Do not lose your brand’s purpose while chasing to be different. Your purpose is your originality, stick to your originality while keeping it different from others by coming up with unique ideas. Originality reflects the uniqueness of a brand. So dare to be different but original!

Make it personal

Personal is unique’s other name. When you make your brand personality, you automatically will encourage the uniqueness of your brand to shine. Making your brand personality will attract your customers on a personal level. Your brand will go big when customers or viewers are personally touched by your brand’s personalization, which is why being personal is recommended.

Be specific about your brand’s mission

Your brand’s mission is your brand’s purpose. The more personalized you make your mission, or your purpose, the more unique your brand will appear. All unique brands have a personal touching story behind their startup. Focus on what your brand wants to do, why should people be attracted to it? What makes it different from other brands? Tell your mission in the most compelling way which makes your brand unique.

Come up with a unique logo

It is human nature, symbols and signs are more attractive to us than words and slogans are. So the more simple and unique a logo is, the more attractive it becomes to customers and viewers. If you want to be different from other brands, invest in making a unique logo for your brand that can depict the name of your brand in a much attractive way. No doubt, unique logos make your brand look cool. Just be sure to be original in coming up with a logo, do not use or copy some other brand’s logo as it will lower your benchmark.

Set a unique brand slogan

Slogans should be set small and loud. Meaning, it should say a lot but with fewer words. Small slogans attract customers and viewers more than phrases that are too long. For example, PlayStation’s slogan “It’s time,” or Sony’s slogan “Be moved,” or Nike’s slogan “Just do it.” All these slogans are too short, as you can see, but it depicts so much about the brand; this is what makes it unique. You do not have to have long sentences to attract people, as its customers and viewers find that boring. So be it small but use the right set of words to make it sound unique.

Learn about your brand’s target audience

What is a brand without its audience? For example, if your brand is for geeks or moms, or let’s say, makeup artists, you need to learn about the target audience. You need to determine your audience’s age, likes and dislikes, their needs, build their trust and credibility with you. Follow them up with ads that they can relate to. When you know what your customer needs, you target their needs and get to lure them to your brand by advertisement.

Keep a check on your competitor brands

Being unique is all about having your originality and personalization right in place. But there are still other brands in competition with you, and many that would be similar to yours. You need to do thorough research on your competitor brands to know more about them, so they cannot sue you for copyrights. Or to protect your unique ideas and purpose from them, because competition in brands can be tough when it comes to unique ideas. You also need to come up with something they have not had in their minds, or they did not come up with, the more different you have it from them, the more attention you will get from people.

Be specific about your quality

To have a unique brand, you need to be open to your customer service. This means you need to be specific with what you deal with and what quality does your brand provides. You have to open doors to your customers to see what you provide. This builds trust and credibility of the customer, and they are impressed by your transparency. Customers will automatically consider your brand trustworthy. So be unique and open up and be specific to your customers.

Hire passionate brand ambassadors

Last but not least, to spread your unique brand’s name, you need to hire good reputable and passionate brand ambassadors, who are as enthusiastic about your brand as you are! If you want customers flowing in, you need to work with a marketing agency who can respectably advertise your brand name. That’s a wrap on our ten tips on how you can start making your brand unique. If you are thinking of starting your brand, follow these steps, there is no doubt you will go wrong in your uniqueness. Always remember to be original about your brand; nothing speaks your brand more unique as your originality dies. But at the same time, do not fear to be different than others. Different is unique as long as it is original. If you need help making your brand unique, feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction

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